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Being scientists and working at the Miami Serpentarium: We obtained an abundance of knowledge pertaining to snakes. The discovery of the fact that venom can actually heal was a breakthrough in modern science. One idea was born and products started to develop.


It started as an injectable drug. This had to be simplified to ease it for the users. Bioven simplified into a brilliant sublingual dosage > a tiny, slim & dried paper strip for oral intake with exact amounts of active ingridients. We’re sure you agree that It’s much nicer to dissolve it under the tongue than from sticking needles in the arm.


To modify the product to contain the maximum of allowed levels of active ingridients and to be taken orally, has shown to be the key to positive results > More effective than the injectable & with faster systemic action. This means that relief comes sooner, and therefore, modulates your pain faster.


All over the globe there are people suffering from different diseases. Many of them are the consequences of a weak or an improperly functional immune system. Maybe you are one amongst them. Doesen’t matter if you have either joint pain, cold sores or just want to be extra healthy when it matters most > We want to matter for you! 


“I have R.A and a friend suggested i take Bioven, after 10 days my pain was gone and the swelling of my hands and knees was down by 50%. I took 3 packs and have regular movement with no pain. I take one pack about every 6 months and the RA is under control Josenue K.


“A 46 year old male diabetes patient of 10 years suffering from Hepatitis C infection in the chronic case decided to take Bioven for 15 days and found himself getting good relief from pain, gaining weight and liver function was within normal range after treatment. Dr. K. Mechleb


I took one 15-day course of Bioven about six month ago after a friend recommended it to me for my Osteo Arthritis. Toward the end on the 15-dat period I started to notice a big improvement in my joints. My usual aches and pains subsided significantly. Prior to taking Biven my fingers hurt and were inflexible. I also had a very painful tiger finger. Previously, I had a trigger finger and had to have surgery to correct it. I was fearful that I’d have to have further corrective surgery. After taking the Bioven I no longer have the tiger finger and my joint pains are more flexible. I thank you for this excellent product and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from Osteo Arthritis or joint pain.

Bonnie H.


Bioven’s major advantages

Bioven was developed at the Miami Serpentarium in cooperation with Bill Haast, the world famous venom research scientist, and the scientists from Bioven, LLC. (now a division of Acme Technical, Inc. and Red Mountain, Inc.). Bioven is a registered US Trademark of the company.

Bioven is a sublingual dosage form that has been perfected over many years of scientific study and testing. Bioven has been in commerce since the 1970’s as an injectable drug and licensed for administration in many countries around the world. Recently Bioven was modified to be available as a sublingual dosage form (dissolves under the tongue) that has shown to be more effective than the injectable and with faster systemic action. This means that relief comes sooner and there are no patient issues with the taking of Bioven.

Because the Bioven is in a dried form and packaged in a multilayered re-sealable foil package, the active ingredients do not degrade as a liquid preparation would over time. The Bioven dosage is uniform and consistent, no estimating how much to use. Therefore, Bioven is much more stable than any liquid or gel product, and you can be confident that the dosage that you start with will be consistent all the way until the last dose is taken.

Bioven has a long history of being used to boost the body’s immune system which in turn helps the individual’s own natural defenses work to help alleviate many symptoms and pains of inflammatory conditions and associated pain. Bioven contains the highest and purest amount of allowable active ingredients under the FDA guidelines for OTC venom medicines therefore assuring you of the best most reliable and beneficial product.

Bioven is manufactured in a US, FDA listed (gGMP) manufacturing facility and is US FDA listed as a homeopathic medicine for use as an immune modulator (booster), an anti-inflammatory and general associated pain. It is the only venom product on the OTC market that is known to be in the marketplace that has undergone all the required FDA safety testing with a third party testing service and passed all the testing.


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