• Nr.1 One of my clients, a 58-year-old with Lyme and mitral valve prolapse virus – I recommended Bioven for the virus in the mitral valve due to repeated lung complication from the virus. Within 5 doses she was symptom free of lung complication, at 9 doses I am no longer experienced arrhythmia and by the 15th dose she reported a total turn around in her physical energy. She also stated that she no longer felt the effects of the Lyme. As a precaution I suggested another 15-day treatment. The recent Lyme test revealed no indication of Lyme present and she has had no further issues with her heart. She also reported that many aches and pains she was experiencing have also disappeared. Mayra L. PhD 


  •  Nr.2 One of my clients, a 49-year-old female with Ocular Herpes – this individual has suffered with ocular herpes since her early 20’s. Onsets are stress related and last for weeks. After the first dose of the Bioven she experienced relief, all symptoms were clear by the 7th. I recommended she complete the entire 15-day protocol and she has had no reoccurrence in spite of a very stress filled 2 months. Mayra L. PhD 


  • Nr.3 One of my clients – a 43-year-old male with gout and mild arthritis. This individual is an engineer aboard one of our Merchant Marina vessels and has been suffering with gout for about 10 years. Prescription medications for gout would make him unfit for duty by Coast Guard standards and so has been treating gout through diet. I recommended one 15 dose course of Bioven and after the first dose he was symptom free and walking without pain. He has had no recurrence of gout and has little arthritic pain left. Mayra L. Ph
  •  Nr.4 One of my clients, a 52-year-old female with Hep C – this individual was born with hepatitis C and has controlled much of the effects with diet and life style but has never felt “healthy” or “energetic” and suffers from the achy joints and muscles often. She has just started her third round of Bioven because the first experience was so positive. She is feeling healthy, energetic and the lifelong discomforts of her illness have reduced by 80%. She is committed to a minimum of 90-days of Bioven and then assessing what remains. Mayra L. PhD


  •  Nr.5 One of my clients, a 75-year-old female with un-diagnosable condition suffering from severe joint pain in knees, severe bloating, heavy cough and general malaise – with the first 15 dose treatment all symptoms were gone. She took a 2nd 15 day treatment and feels marvelous. She cares for her grandchildren full time the youngest is 3 years old, she now feels healthy enough to take care of her charges without concern. Marya L. PhD


I’d like to order 2 more Bioven packets. Ray was doing really well with his gout. He was really testing the great progress he’d made from taking the 15-day doses. Ray’s really pleased with the results so far! Much thanks! Kathy.


I always had a very weak immune system. I would catch anything that came my way, any kind of cold, virus, etc. Since I took Bioven, I haven’t been sick with any virus for one year. So happy! Ann Marie M.


I have been suffering with chronic hives for several years. There were all over my body. I went to every dermatologist and allergist possible. No one could help me. They just ave me P—-ONE, which caused me to lose my hair, plus many other bad side effects. I took one package of Bioven and my hives completely disappeared. I take Bioven about every 3 months because it also makes me feel so good, and has helped me with my osteoarthritis. Angelina C.


Always had trouble with my knees locking up in the cold weather. Went to orthopedic doctor and he told me after multiple testing, there was nothing wrong with me, I just had to tolerate it in the cold. After taking Bioven, my knees are fine, don’t lock up anymore, even in severe cold weather. Joel. M.


In July a friend of mine suggested to take Bioven. I had a severe R. A. pain. I started taking Bioven, 5 days after I called my friend and told her that my pain was reduce to 50%, after my pack I bought an another one and I am FREE of R. A. pain. Jean Claude L.


In July, I started taking Bioven, I was kind of depressed and tired, after my 7th dose, I was waking up at 5:30am fresh like a flower, my libido went up, I feel great. Dr. Gilbert DCB.


My wife Chris has very bad R. A., my Acupuncture Doctor, suggested me Bioven, the 5 days my wife left a little relieve on her pain, we finish the pack of 15 and a second one. Now she is feeling better without pain. Sid K.


I have R. A. and also a chronic bronchitis my wife suggested me to take Bioven, I did after 10 days my pain was gone, I continue and took 3 packs, in the mid time I went to the doctor to check on my cough, I did an X-Rays of my lungs the doctor found a white spot, I told him that I was taking Bioven, he gave me an antibiotic, I finish my Bioven first before taking my prescription, after the 2 packs of Bioven, I went back to my doctor for another X-rays. The spot was gone, I feel much better and do not cough that much. John M.


One of my clients with Polyarthritis, for over 5 years, was in pain I tried to help him with human cell, it worked few weeks then came back. I made him try Bioven, it was hard to get the pain away, after the second pack, he felt much better, the pain was reduced by 75%. Dr. Lestum Jean Pierre Q.


The world Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances, which the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) uses to determine if a drug or substance is prohibited from use by players, does NOT ban or preclude the use of the component ingredients disclosed as being in the product “Bioven”. I found nothing in the “banned list” which appears to be related, pharmacologically, to “Bioven” or its component ingredients. As a consequence, I would believe that its use is NOT prohibited by either WADA or FIFA as an immune modulator homeopathic drug.

“Bioven” is listed by the U. S. Federal Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) for over the counter (OTC) sale as a homeopathic product. As I understand the product, the composition of “Bioven” is certified to be all natural, derived from processed animal sources (primarily fractioned snake venom) and manufactured in an FDA Current Good Manufactured Practices (CGMP) registered manufacturing facility. The natural viper venom does not contain any chemicals or ingredients that are listed in the World Anti-Doping Agency, 2018 “banned substance list”. “Bioven” sub-lingual tabs are comprised of a food grade cellulose, “Bioven” and a flavoring. “Bioven” has undergone all the FDA required safety testing and has been used in commerce for over 15 years. “Bioven” is also approved in several foreign countries as well as the U.S. This is NOT a medical or research opinion, but is based on a comparison of the disclosed ingredients in “Bioven”, to the “banned” substances list, as any athlete, coach or trainer would, with ordinary prudence and caution would undertake prior to using “Bioven”. C. Edward M., Jr.


I have R.A and a friend suggested i take Bioven, after 10 days my pain was gone and the swelling of my hands and knees was down by 50%. I took 3 packs and have regular movement with no pain. I take one pack about every 6 months and the RA is under control Josenue K. Miami Springs FL

“I wanted to let you know of my experience with Bioven and Bell’s Palsy. I awoke Sunday Dec 25,2016 (Christmas morning) to see that i could not move the left side of my face, ear or left side of the back of my head. The following day i went to a MD Urgent Care Clinic and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and was given Acyclovir at 800 mg each tablet 4 times per day for 7 days. I began 1 tablet that late afternoon upon leaving the clinic and a second tablet that evening and continuing the dosage as prescribed thereafter. I received the Bioven on Friday Dec,30,2016 but began the first dose on the 31st. At this point I still could not move the above mentioned portions of the left side of my head. On Jan,5,2017 I called Henry Schur to let him know that i was already 45 to 55 percent better in the ability to move my face, from having absolutely no movement at all from Dec,25 till about Jan 1. As I write this email on Jan 11,2017 I would say I am now 85 to 90 percent more capable of moving the left side of my face, ear and back of my head. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for your product and for your knowledge! Thank You so much and Happy New Year”. Martin I. Delray Beach FL



My father suffered with pain in the joints of the hips and couldn’t sleep at night for the past 2 years. After taking Bioven he doesn’t have pain anymore and feels more energy. My mother had pain in both knees for the past few years, and after 10 doses it was completely gone. I am looking forward to recommend your product and help many other people. 

Victoria B. PhD

I took one 15-day course of Bioven about six month ago after a friend recommended it to me for my Osteo Arthritis. Toward the end on the 15-dat period I started to notice a big improvement in my joints. My usual aches and pains subsided significantly. Prior to taking Biven my fingers hurt and were inflexible. I also had a very painful tiger finger. Previously, I had a trigger finger and had to have surgery to correct it. I was fearful that I’d have to have further corrective surgery. After taking the Bioven I no longer have the tiger finger and my joint pains are more flexible. I thank you for this excellent product and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from Osteo Arthritis or joint pain.

Bonnie H.

I am 38 years old, and I was diagnosed with Lupus. As a result of the disease, I would bleed profusely and have prolonged menstrual cycles. In addition, I experienced immense fatigue and joint pain. I was unable to come in direct sunlight and occasionally blood would ooze though my pores and blotches would appear on my skin. To treat my illness, I was prescribed P…ONE, p—–NIL and birth control pills to which I was becoming dependent. In an effort to try a more natural option of treatment, I found out about Bioven from Dr. King. Since my treatments, I’ve seen expeditious results. I no longer take my previous medications and I haven’t had any flare-ups. I now have a normal menstrual cycle, no joint pain and more stamina.

Nadia G.

This morning I woke up, and for fleeting moment I thought I was dead… since I moved and felt no pain! Unbelievable, also less groggy, sharper faster. Can’t wait until tomorrow. Good things ahead. Got thinking cap on, would love to sit with you soon. I’m chronicling progress daily. Congratulations on Bioven, a job really well done… hopefully it will be a “game changer” for many people, and a great contribution to humanity. Great karma for you! Thanks, 

Stephen C.

As for the Arthritis Bioven immuno modulator, I have tried it on my aunt and she had a superior result in 5 days, and now she’s doing very well and can move her hands without any problems or pain complains. 

Dr. Tuorki A

Suffered with chronic shingles all my life. I had to take a very strong medication every day in order to keep them at bay. The medication made me very sick. Someone suggested that I try Bioven and after taking it, my shingles have completely disappeared and never returned. This is magic!!! 

Veronica R.

Diagnosed with macular degeneration. Since I took Bioven, it has improved so much. Bioven is a miracle. 

Debbie S.

When I heard about Bioven, I decided to take it every 3 months I had a rash on my body, I started taking Bioven since April, I didn’t get any rash since then. 

Armand Stephan B.

MD Letters

“A 46 year old male diabetes patient of 10 years suffering from Hepatitis C infection in the chronic case decided to take Bioven for 15 days and found himself getting good relief from pain, gaining weight and liver function was within normal range after treatment”. Dr. K. Mechleb

“Bioven was used to treat 10 patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis in China. The clinic where the treatment was conducted has had a flood of potential patients since the first 10 were fully recovered after taking Bioven. Word of mouth has been phenomenal about the product”. L. Shrout

“A patient of mine was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for three years and wanted to take Bioven. After taking the recommended course of 15 days, he has no more pain and is healthy, active and has returned to usual work”. Dr. K. Mechleb

“My friends father suffered from Prostate Cancer for the past three years in Russia. I sent him Bioven as he was bedridden, refused eating and was receiving morphine shots daily. On the third day after taking Auto Immune-5, he stopped taking morphine. His urine became normal in color and thickness. His appetite is normal. This is the exciting news of my friend. I hope you like it. I can see clearly that this product could be in every Health Care Facility of Russia in the nearest future.” V. Batsian

“A friend reported to me that he was suffering from Prostate Cancer. He was suffering much pain. He was wearing an absorbent diaper and trips to the bathroom were a nightmare. He obtained the Bioven and took the series of shots. He called me to meet in a coffee shop. He reported that his bleeding had almost stopped, he had no pain and had much more energy and was able to drink more liquids. He had just seen his doctor who expressed disbelief at his improvement and the reduced size of his prostate swelling. He asked my friend what he had done. My friend said he had taken a new naturally derived medication. The doctor told him to keep it up. Here is another bravo experience.” R. Smucker

“Many thanks for asking me to see the man whom initially consulted me as an AIDS patient in the last stages. After taking Bioven he is now a patient with asymptomatic early active HIV infection with no serious disease. I would anticipate that he will be able to fulfill his duties and return to work in one month.” Dr. Harris